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New HATs & Pi Accessories

We’ve expanded our product line with some awesome new HATs and Raspberry Pi accessories! Our new HATs are ideal for home automation applications and work perfectly with our HAT RACK ecosystem.

Some of our products are now featured on the website, a great resource for all things Raspberry Pi. You’ll find details on pin layout for each HAT and some useful information to help get you started.


The CTRL HAT is a Raspberry Pi I/O automation board for use with solid state power relays (SSRs). Designed for switching high power loads without the need for costly extra hardware such as SSR modules or contactors.

Up to eight CTRL HATs can be used with a single Raspberry Pi, thanks to the addressable MCP23017 I2C expander.

Appliance HAT

The Appliance HAT is an I/O automation board for Raspberry Pi with 6 opto-isolated quick connect power relays. Designed for switching household appliances, industrial control or home automation.

Unlike similar products, the Appliance HAT does not require any screw terminals or PCB wire connections. Instead it uses quick connect power relays with integrated spade terminals, which allows six 16A / 250V AC rated power relays to fit onto a single HAT.

Appliance HAT Mini

The Appliance HAT Mini is the little brother to our Appliance HAT with two power relays instead of six. It’s the perfect add-on for smaller projects or miniature automation systems using Raspberry Pi Zero. It even works with other pin-compatible SBCs (single board computers).


The GPIO I2C pHAT is an I2C switch which mounts under your HAT to remap its I2C pins to 1 of 4 additional I2C buses, without the need for a multiplexer or expander.

It takes advantage of the extra hardware I2C buses introduced on Raspberry Pi 4, allowing you to interface your HAT(s) to an alternate hardware I2C bus easily. It also works as a software I2C (bit bang) expander on older models.

New Adaptors & Accessories

While developing our new range of HATs, we also came-up with some useful new accessories.

180 pHAT

The 180 pHAT is a Raspberry Pi HAT adapter which reorients the GPIO header 180 degrees. It can be mounted directly onto a Raspberry Pi or any other pin-compatible SBC and can even be used in-conjunction with our HAT RACK boards.


The HAT RACK 90 is a special variant of our HAT RACK board which rotates the GPIO pinout 90 degrees. This solves the problem with connectors or wires fouling on some Raspberry Pi add-on boards. Its reversible design can rotate a single HAT 90 degrees anti-clockwise or clockwise with the connectors installed on side A or side B respectively.


By popular request, we’ve introduced a Zero sized variant of our HAT RACK board. The HAT RACK Zero is designed for use with Raspberry Pi Zero sized add-ons or pHATs (partial HATs). It supports one pHAT and can be mounted to a DIN rail using a standard DIN rail adapter. It can also be used as an expansion board to add an additional slot to any of our HAT RACK boards.

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