Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions create a contract between you and PlasmaDan (the “Terms & Conditions”). These Terms & Conditions apply to all products and services offered by us on the https://plasmadan.com website (“Site”). Please read our full Terms & Conditions carefully.


PlasmaDan: “Our”, “We”, “Us”
Customer: “You”, “Your”
Conditions: The terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by us.
Our Telephone Number: 0800 246 1021

Payments and Deposits

1. Payment is due within 7 days of completion of the work unless otherwise stated in writing. Overdue payments may incur a late payment charge of £50, with an additional charge of £50 for each week thereafter.

2. Deposit agreements must be paid before any work will commence, regardless of quotation dates or estimate dates.

Rates, Quotations, and Pricing

3. A fixed price quotation will be in writing. Our standard day rate is £200 plus VAT. Our standard hourly rate is £25 per hour plus VAT. We will apply the day rate or hourly rate plus materials and expenses to your invoice, unless a fixed price quotation has been agreed prior to the work taking place.

4. Our minimum call-out charge is £60 plus VAT. Out-of-hours or weekend call-outs are minimum £80 plus VAT. Areas more than a 10 mile radius may incur an additional charge.

5. Any date or dates specified in our quotation are estimates. We shall not be in breach of this agreement for failing to start or finish any agreed work on the specified date. We do not offer any kind of compensation for jobs over running the time or date stated.

6. Any amendments to the work agreement may incur additional charges.

7. Occasionally we use subcontractors to be able to complete some of our work which may include: plasterers, painters & decorators, plumbers or any other services which we do not provide. The quotes we provide are for the work we carry out only. We do not include the fees for any subcontractors needed to complete some of the work we undertake. We hold no responsibility for any additional costs that you may incur.

8. We have the discretion to charge for quotations at £40 plus VAT. You will be informed of us doing so before we start your quote. This charge will be waived if you agree for us to do the work.

9. Any additional works must be quoted for in writing before they can be actioned.

10. Unless otherwise stated in writing all our prices are plus VAT at the current rate.

Waste Removal

11. If we are required to remove waste, you may be subject to additional charges.


12. All areas of access must be clear; it is not our responsibility to clear areas of personal belongings, if we do so it is at your own risk.

13. If we are required to lift carpets, vinyl, laminate flooring, floorboards or any other type of floor covering, it is taken up and laid down at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any damage caused. We accept no responsibility for the reinstatement of any floor covering.

14. We have the right to charge for additional labour or losses where customer supplied items are not available to us when we need them.

15. In the event that we are unable to gain access to the premises at which you have booked a job you will be subject to our minimum call-out charge.

16. We have the right to work in comfort. Please, where possible, allow us room to work. E.g. do not stand over our shoulders or follow us around.


17. Any guarantee is limited to work undertaken by us only. Guarantees are not indicative of part or product warranties. Any damage caused by extreme weather conditions, or general wear and tear are beyond our control and are not covered by our guarantee.

18. Should you request a call-out to a fault under guarantee and no fault is found, our standard call out charge will apply.


19. It is your responsibility to protect carpets and soft furnishings in preparation for us.

20. It is your responsibility to remove any valuable or breakable items from areas of our work, including protecting work areas and furniture.

21. We accept no responsibility for any additional plaster work or painting that is required, unless otherwise stated in our written quote.

22. The making good of holes where redundant cabling or pipe work existed is not our responsibility unless otherwise stated in writing.

23. Dust & mess – We will make every effort to protect your home from dust and mess. However due to the nature of our work, it is inevitable that there will be some residual cleaning required by you.

24. We shall not be liable for and accept no responsibility for unavoidable damage caused, or any unforeseeable loss you may suffer as a result of the work carried-out, nor shall we be liable for any loss of any nature which is not caused by our negligence or our breach of the terms of the agreement between you and us.

25. You must inform us of anything that may present a hazard or danger to us while carrying-out work before such work has started. You must also make sure we have clear access to the work area and provide us with a supply of electricity and water if necessary. If we incur additional work or expenses as a result of your failure to provide us with clear access, mains electricity and water, you will be subject to an additional charge in respect of such additional work and/or expenses.

26. In the event you decide to cancel or postpone the work for any reason, you are still liable to pay the full labour cost that was originally quoted.

27. We have the right to refuse to work, without warning, where aggressive or intimidating behaviour is encountered from customers.

28. Filming, photographing or video and voice recording of us in your property without prior informing us is against the law, and any situation will be dealt with appropriately, including us stopping work immediately if we feel threatened or violated.


29. All content included on our website such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, and images are owned by us and are protected by international copyright law, subject to the copyright displayed at the bottom of this website, except where 3rd party images may on-occasion be shown on our website for illustration purposes.

Changes to These Conditions

30. We have the discretion to update these conditions at any time. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to frequently check this page for any changes. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these conditions periodically and become aware of modifications.

31. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Last updated: 4th November 2020