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Successful Kickstarter: HAT RACK

We did it! Our first ever Kickstarter campaign was a success. With the help of our esteemed backers, we managed to raise over £2,000 to bring our HAT RACK project to life. Our Early Bird backers each receive one of our hand assembled prototype units. The production units are currently being manufactured.

Missed the campaign? You can now pre-order HAT RACK from our online shop. We ship worldwide!


HAT RACK is an accessory for Raspberry Pi which allows plug & play installation of multiple HATs and pHATs to a single Pi. A single HAT (hardware attached on top) can add expand your Pi with special features such as extra IOs, relays, sensors, LEDs, you name it.

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How It Works

Stackable HATs have become the de facto standard in the Raspberry Pi community, but stacking HATs together can make them difficult to get to, awkward to maintain and can lead to excessive heat built-up.

HAT RACK solves this by separating the stack into an easier to manage array. Each board is connected together in parallel which is perfect for I2C based HATs such as Raspberry Pi’s Sense HAT.


One HAT RACK board supports 3 HATs or 6 pHATs with a Raspberry Pi mounted in 1 of 2 positions. It’s also DIN rail mountable using three universal DIN mounts, so it can easily be installed in a standard DIN rail enclosure or access panel.

BCM pin numbering makes it easy to identify the pinouts, and an external power-in allows HAT RACK to be powered from a dedicated 5V power supply if needed.

More To Come

We developed HAT RACK for a reason and we’re not done yet! We currently have multiple new add-ons in the prototyping and testing phase. Each will be plug & play compatible with HAT RACK and universally interchangeable. Watch this space! Subscribe to our mailing list to get notified about new products.

Buy Now

HAT RACK is available in three flavours: A ready to use DIN rail pack, solder yourself kit or a plain PCB without the parts, so you can use your own.