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Altering Oak Veneered Doors

Veneered doors are a great cost saving alternative to solid wood doors. One downside is that unlike solid wood doors; veneered doors only allow for around 10mm or so to be trimmed off each side. This means if you have unusual sized door casings you normally wouldn't be able to use them and would instead be forced to either fork-out the extra money for solid wood doors, or compromise with cheaper, inferior doors. I was faced with this dilemma during [...]


Automatic Headphone Socket Sofa Hack

I often prefer wearing headphones instead of using my home cinema speakers, especially when listening to music. As an audiophile I don't much care for wireless headphones. I want to feel like I'm getting the best quality audio that I can and there is no better way than a wired connection. Using wired headphones avoids needing batteries or relying on wireless technology that could be hindering the audio quality. I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50 studio monitor headphones. These [...]


Raspberry Pi APA102 LED Controller

Raspberry Pi APA102 LED controller allows control & switching of APA102 or WS2801 addressable LED strips (and LED driver) using a web GUI. Motor controller functionality is also built-in to control hard-wired home automation type blind / projector screen motors. Ideal for use in home cinema applications. Unlike regular "dumb" RGB strips, addressable strips have independently controlled LEDs, allowing for the creation of light effects & sequences. FeaturesAPA102 LED control 2x changeover relay control 2x mains AC input detection Motorised blind / projector [...]