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PixelPi AC – LED Controller Raspberry Pi HAT

PixelPi AC is an add-on HAT for Raspberry Pi. Based on a previous project, PixelPi AC is an interface board for use with addressable APA102 / WS2801 LEDs. With a built-in opto-isolated relay, PixelPi AC can be hard-wired to actively switch on / off a mains voltage LED driver, with a current rating up to 6A. While not so revolutionary by itself, coupled with the included AC detection circuit the PixelPi AC can be integrated with existing 2-way lighting [...]


Raspberry Pi APA102 LED Controller

Raspberry Pi APA102 LED controller allows control & switching of APA102 or WS2801 addressable LED strips (and LED driver) using a web GUI. Motor controller functionality is also built-in to control hard-wired home automation type blind / projector screen motors. Ideal for use in home cinema applications. Unlike regular "dumb" RGB strips, addressable strips have independently controlled LEDs, allowing for the creation of light effects & sequences. FeaturesAPA102 LED control 2x changeover relay control 2x mains AC input detection Motorised blind / projector [...]