End-Terraced Loft Conversion

End-Terraced Loft Conversion

This converted loft in a gable-end late 19th century terrace is an excellent example of the possibilities of even the smallest roof spaces. Even with the limited height, the new space creates a cosy bedroom area and makes optimal use out of a previously wasted storage space.

The loft is split into two sections, the main room and a full-length “crawl-in” storage area. There is also extra storage space in one of the eave sections. The client was very keen to create as-much usable storage space as possible, in the hopes of being able to open-up some space in other parts of the house. The stairs takes the place of an old wardrobe and offers a good size under-stairs storage area for the front bedroom.

The project took 12 weeks to complete, and cost just over £10k all-in.

We offer very competitive rates and aim to beat any like-for-like quote. Get in touch today for a quote.

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